Activities and Announcements for week of September 25, 2022

Sunday, September 25

9:00 AM      Sunday School

9:00 AM.     Sunday Morning Devotions - 4th & Faith

10:00 AM.   Fellowship

10:30 AM.   Worship

11:30 AM.   Confirmation

Monday, September 26

2:00 PM.     Needles & Hookers (Conference Room)

5:00/6:30 PM.     Middle School (B/G) Soccer - HOME (Mason Locke)

7:00 PM.     Boy Scouts

Tuesday, September 27

2:00 PM.     Women's Bible Study (Conference Room)

6:30 PM      Cub Scouts/Webelos

Wednesday, September 28

4:00 PM.    JV Boys Golf  - HOME (Cole Griesen)

5:00 PM.    JV Girl's Soccer @ Alliance (Meghan McCrate)

5:00/6:30 PM.     Middle School (B/G) Soccer @ New Phila (Mason Locke)

7:00 PM.    Men's Bible Study

7:00 PM.    Chancel Choir


Thursday, September 29

6:00 PM.    Freshman Football @ Canfield (Gavin Herman, Elle Hall, Laney Gottshall)

Friday, September 30

7:00 PM    Varsity Football - HOME (Hannah Locke, Austin Gump, Kelden Hall)

Saturday, October 1

?????????      Middle School (B/G) Soccer @ Wooster Rec League (Mason Locke)

Sunday, October 2

9:00 AM.      Sunday School

9:00 AM.      Sunday Morning Devotions @ 4th & Faith

10:00 AM.    Fellowship

10:30 AM     Worship/Communion



Community Brunch - 

Sunday, October 9 @ 11:30 am

RSVP to the church office 330-364-4458 

by October 5 @ Fourth & Faith

Choice of:  Ham, cheese & egg casserole or Sausage, cheese & egg casserole

Fruit, blueberry muffins - Juice, coffee, or tea


Sunday Morning Devotions - at Fourth & Faith - 

A Wing and a Prayer

9:00 am Gathering/9:15-9:50 am  

Songs, Scripture, and Prayer September 18, 25 and October 2 

Western Style Hymns


 Fear and Courage - at Fourth & Faith - 

9:00 am Gathering / 9:15-9:50 am  

Songs, Scripture, and Prayer October 16, 23 and 30.


Adaptive Leadership Workshop

A relatively new ministry of the Living Water Association, “The Spire Institute” is offering a session on “Adaptive Leadership” This will be held on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 (offered twice – morning & evening) via Zoom. This presentation offers a fresh perspective on the kind of leadership that is proving to thrive in these post-pandemic times. The presenter will encourage, challenge, and inspire you. Sign up for this course today and be prepared to lead in a whole new way. It is being offered twice for the convenience of authorized ministers and lay people. More information and registration through the link:

Hope to see you there! 



Pull Up a Chair

     Are you ready to start chair yoga again?  We will meet every Monday and Thursday morning at 10:00 am at Fourth and Faith starting Monday October 3, 2022.   Rod Showers has once again agreed to lead us.  Rod is not a professional Yoga instructor, but he is very familiar with the routines and can instruct us on the basic positions.  

     This is a class for everyone – men and women!  No strenuous exercise is involved.  All you need is a chair and those are provided.  You do the routines at your own pace.  It is not a competition.  It is a time of relaxation and meditation just for you.  If you are unable to attend all the classes, come when you can.  Best of all – it’s FREE!  Any questions, please call Pastor Dotty.


Search Committee Update

     We completed the church profile for St. John’s a couple months ago and have been working with the UCC Living Water Association to review minister profiles.  

     It’s a different landscape than we have experienced in the past.  We’re experiencing a scenario like what many employers encounter today – very few quality candidates. To date we have received 6 profiles from prospective candidates. We had a Zoom interview with one candidate and have chosen not to pursue him further.

     We have expanded our search process beyond the UCC resources with advertising in various Christian publications and spreading the word among the community.  We are committed to being patient and seeking the minister who will best meet the needs of St. John’s.

     Meanwhile, Rev. Jackson has agreed to continue in his Interim Senior Minister role as we continue the search process. Stay tuned for further updates.

St. John’s Search Committee

   Adam Herman                            Linda Marks

   Bev Smith                                  Michele Specht

   Carol McCutcheon                     Sue Ferbrache

   Dan Dummermuth                     Dave Gingrich

   Doug Peterman


Bad Girls Book Club

     “The rarest of beasts:  the perfect thriller.  This extraordinary novel set my blood fizzing—I quite literally couldn’t put it down.  I told myself I’d just dip in; eleven hours later—it’s now 5:47 A.M.--I’ve finished it, absolutely dazzled.”  A.J. Finn

High praise for our next book, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.  Join the Bad Girls on Monday, October 10 at 6:30 in the Conference Room to see if you agree with the above critique.


Women’s Bible Study

Please join us every Tuesday, we meet at 2:00 pm. in the Conference Room to share our thoughts, our doubts, our questions, our laughter, and the nice part is nobody at Women’s Bible Study ever has a wrong opinion.  All ages are welcome.  Hope to see you there.  For further information contact Pastor Dotty.


Thank You

A very special thank you to: Linda Marks, Sue Ferbrache and Anita Craig for office sitting for me while I was on a much-needed vacation last week. You are very much appreciated. Thank you so much!